About us

Do you ever do something repeatedly, month on month, year on year without thinking much into it? We've done that. This little collective we have of similarly minded people have all searched high and low for certain things, repeatedly. In this instance, anything skull related.

Whether it was the latest skull design on a summer tee for ourselves as a treat (because who doesn't need to give themselves a little extra!) or we wanted to get that special someone a cool as f*ck skull necklace and ring combo for their birthday, we've searched, a lot!

Then one night we were sat around having a few beers and thought hang on, why not bring all the things we love into one place and help all you other awesome skull loving types out by giving you one place to go for it all?

And that was it, the birth of The Skull Collective.

So go forth and browse our wares, check our social pages out, tell us what you like, what you want more of, less of, or never want to see again. We want you to be adorned with the deliciously dark, the sparklingly shiny and the downright coolest skull related stuff around.

The Skull Collective team